The Golden Tribe

Matthew Acuña

Job: Head Writer and Project Director
Favorite Games: Paper Mario, Okami, Professor Layton series, Banjo Kazooie

Matt is a writer and designer whose roots lay in RPG Maker VX. He designed many games in RPG Maker back in his days in high school, but has since moved on to other forms of design. He has a deep love of creating characters that make an impact on people, and hopes the cast of Song of the Last Season will stick in peoples minds for years to come. He also loves puppy kisses and cereal. Oh so much cereal.

Patrick Holleman

Job: Producer
Favorite Games: Xenogears, Yoshi’s Island, Starcraft, Civ 5, Fallout: New Vegas, Minecraft, Smash Bros

Patrick is a producer, systems designer and historian of videogame design.  In addition to making games, he publishes game design research at The Game Design Forum (  He is the author of the Reverse Design Series, book-length deconstructions of the classics of videogame design.  He likes the Boston Red Sox and buffalo wings.

Phillip Spann

Job: Composer
Favorite Games: Xenogears, Legend of Mana, FFX, Bayonetta

Philip is a freelance audio engineer and composer who has worked in all facets of audio post production.  He is also half of the alt hip-hop duo ‘The Lifted Theory’.  Classic JRPG soundtracks from the likes of Nobuo Uematsu, Yokko Shimomura, and Yasunori Mitsuda played a big role in inspiring Philip to be a composer in the first place.  The soundtrack to Song of the Last Season is a love letter back to those composers that captured our imaginations in the gaming medium.

Juan Sergio Alvarado Pérez

Job: Concept Artist 
Favorite Games: Silent Hill Series, Pokémon, Bioshock, Starcraft

Juan is a freelance digital artist and teacher. He prefers doing a more stylized version of cartoon artwork. He enjoys all forms of horror in the entertainment industry and his collection of horror books and movies go into the thousands. Besides doing artwork for games, Juan also teaches game design and creation at a local university.

His lifelong dreams have been to become a videogame artist, and meet the actor who plays Chucky in the Child’s Play series.

David Giganti

Job: Editor
Favorite Games: Pokemon series, Bravely Default, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Xenoblade, Persona 3

David  is a writer and has been around since the original concept of the game that would become known as Song of the Last Season. His primary job was to read the script, check for plot holes and to help pitch ideas. In his free time he enjoys reading, writing and playing video games.

Michael Ren.jpg
Michael Ren

Job:  Lead Programmer 
Favorite Games: Fallout: New Vegas, Warcraft III, Yakuza, Bioshock

After graduating from NYU Tisch and working briefly in the film industry, Michael decided to follow his childhood passion to become a full-time games programmer/designer.


He has significant experience with Unity and Unreal Engine and is looking forward to the unique programming challenges presented by Song of the Last Season.

Special Thanks

Anthony Luna: Pixel Art

Bao Luu: Kickstarter Poster Art

Pockets Serafini: Kickstarter Graphics

Viktor Zafirovski: Advising