Song of the Last Season features a colorful cast of characters, so why don’t we meet a few right now?

Age: 28
Home Season: Spring
Likes: Lemon Tea, Poetry, Silence, Opera
Dislikes: Milk Tea, Seafood, Modern Art, Peeko (Not really)
Fun Fact: Is Lactose Intolerant.


Voiced by Jason Marnocha

Scatto is a bit of a pessimistic man with a strong desire to be left alone. Of course, that doesn’t quite work out for him. He has amnesia, and can't quite remember anything, aside from a tragic murder of a girl named Annette... a murder it seems that he committed. He now lives alone in the Rosen Forest in exile, along with his bird Peeko, until the Call to Adventure literally drags him away.

He has a tendency to be rather cold towards people he doesn’t know. However, once he begins to care for someone, he can offer life-changing advice without even realizing it. Extremely loyal to the end, Scatto can always be counted on. He constantly holds on to the past, and can’t seem to let anything go.

Age: 21
Home Season: Autumn
Likes: Fancy Cheese, Frogs, Rain, Being Right
Dislikes: Chocolate, Small Text in Books, Coconut, The Smell of Raw Meat
Fun Fact: Is Terrified of Speaking to Strangers.

Arianna is the leader of a prestigious guild whose only members are herself, her brother and her uncle. However, she leaves the guild’s small size out of most conversations. Arianna first meets Scatto in the Rosen Forest, after stealing a very important item from the Ogre King, Django.

Arianna often tries to be a moral compass for the group, and can often come off as ‘too perfect’. However, as much as she wants to believe it, she is far from it. She can hold grudges quite easily, and will attack others with her words if she feels attacked. However, Arianna desperately wishes to learn from her mistakes, and become more humble. She is a kind individual who can sympathize with others very easily. She idolizes her late mother, Lucy Romero.


Voiced by Kira Buckland

Peeko is Scatto’s silver finch, who is always hanging out on his right shoulder. He is a bird with a rather loud mouth, who always has something snarky or witty to say to Scatto. However, he also offers a lot of wisdom and good advice to him, due to the fact that Peeko is actually Scattos conscious. Peeko once belonged to Annette, but after her disappearance he stuck around with Scatto. He is one of the only things he has to remember her by. Peeko often calls Scatto “Scatman”.

Age: 5
Home Season: Spring
Likes: Birdseed, Pine-cones with Peanut Butter,  Bowling, Tiny Hats
Dislikes: Large Bodies of Water, Confusing Noises, Scatto (Not really)
Fun Fact: Is Really Cute.

Voiced by Maverick Gentry

Age: ???
Home Season: Autumn
Likes: Okra, Piercings, Picking at Scabs, The Internal Workings of the Mind
Dislikes: Public Speaking, Mushrooms, Shoes
Fun Fact: Has a Beautiful Singing Voice.

Quiet, polite and ever so mysterious, Nara is from a race of creatures called the Impblin.

She was imprisoned in a statue deep within the Tower of Beginnings and Endings for thousands of years. Now she is stuck in an unfamiliar time period.


She ran away a long time ago from an event that scarred her for life, and left her ashamed. However, she refuses to tell anyone what that event was. She has a deep knowledge of the Relic, the Seasons and the Spirits.


Voiced by Lizz Robinett

Age: 23
Home Season: Summer
Likes: Fire, Her Feet, Mango, Hair Dye
Dislikes:  Politicians, Chopsticks, Being Alone at Night
Fun Fact: Can Bench-press Three Dogs at Once.

Fuega hails from Mardune, the Kingdom of Summer. She is an extremely talented Flare Dancer, a dancer who uses fire to praise Vesta, the Spirit of Summer. Fuega takes her faith very seriously, and can become confused when anyone shares that they believe in something else.Her family was killed when she was a young girl due to a house fire she started by accident. This incident left her terrified of fire, until her renewed faith in Vesta reassured her again.

Fuega is very impulsive in her decisions, and frequently jumps to conclusions. She is a very honest person, and almost never lies. However, she can be a little too honest at times, and doesn’t really care who she offends when she speaks. She frequently butts heads with Arianna, and questions her leadership often. Despite this, she remains loyal to her friends and won’t back hesitate to help them out when they’re in need.


Voiced by Avery Smithhart

Age: 26
Home Season: Winter
Likes: Men, Women, Anyone, Puppies, Peach Pie
Dislikes: Violence, Spongecake, Exposed Shins
Fun Fact: Knows How to Play the Lute… Badly.

Voiced by Jalen K. Cassell

The Crown Prince of Rovenia, the Kingdom of Winter. Lorenzo has trained with his ax in the frozen mountains to be ready for the day he inherits the throne from his father. However, deep down he has no desire to rule. What he wants to do, however, he is still unsure about.

Lorenzo is an incredibly laid-back and flirtatious man. He will flirt with almost anything that moves, but is rarely, if ever successful. He enjoys a good pun, and is a bit like a big happy dog who is just happy to be among friends.


Voiced by Jason Marnocha

Age: 2,052
Home Season: Autumn
Likes: Autumn, Leather, Books about Pirates, Pork
Dislikes: Grammar Mistakes, Unmotivated Workers, Wearing a Shirt, Onions
Fun Fact: Never Sleeps in His Own Bed.

Despite being the self-proclaimed Ogre King, Django doesn’t actually rule over any ogres. He leads a village of Impblins deep in Rosen Forest, oddly enough. Django gave Scatto a home and protection after he was framed for murder. In exchange, Scatto had to grow a months worth of food for the village every month. Should he fail… well, let’s not imagine such gruesome things.

Django is a proud ogre and will never back down from a challenge. He is a great leader with a deep and hearty laugh. However, when provoked, he can be terrifying. Scatto will learn this the hard way.


Voiced by Jason Marnocha

Age: ???
Home Season: Winter
Likes:  Balance, Candy, Poofy Hats, Polyester
Dislikes: The Seasons, Beans, Scatto (for real)
Fun Fact: Suffers from Frequent Nosebleeds.

Palamari is a man shrouded in mystery. With a charismatic and slightly intimidating personality, Palamari is the leader of a circus troupe that travels the world spreading not only laughter, but also their own philosophy of the benefits of a world without seasons. 

He is flamboyant, dramatic and humorous even in dark times. He exhibits traits of narcissism, and can exhibit sadistic tendencies. However, he has a sympathetic side, and genuinely wants to make the world a better place.


Voiced by Sarah Blandy

Age: 25
Home Season: Spring
Likes: Philosophy Discussions, Salty Food, Drawing with Chalk, Noodles
Dislikes: Spring, Cabbage, Math, Jewelry
Fun Fact: Chews Like a Wombat.

A mysterious girl from the Town of the Weeping Willow. Not much is known about her, but Scatto cannot stop thinking about, and hearing her voice. All he can remember from his past is her, and her murder at his hands. 


Who was she?