Welcome to the official website for Song of the Last Season! Here, you will find all the information you need to know about our upcoming rhythm-based RPG, as well as details on our future Kickstarter launch.

About the Project

When we were younger, I think a part of us always wanted to create our own world inhabited by characters we imagined and kept close to our hearts over the years. For us, much of our inspiration was from videogames. Specifically RPG’s, such as Paper Mario, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger.

That’s why here at Golden Tribe Games we aim to create the game we’ve always dreamed of in the form of Song of the Last Season, an RPG where music rules over everything. We want to create a new experience that will hopefully inspire future games to be made, in the same vein as how we were inspired to create ours.

Song of the Last Season is a turn-based RPG with unique gameplay, memorable characters, awesome music and a charming visual style. You play as a team of five characters with a big goal; save the Seasons from being destroyed. In order to do this, they’ll need to use the power of the mythical Relic, which can defeat evil through the power of music.

Instead of simply selecting an attack and watching your character perform it, there will be much more interaction involved in each attack, dodge and counter, similar to the Paper Mario series. Music is the core of every single one of these features, and you’re not the only one who can utilize it…


Music is something everyone enjoys, so we decided to cram as much of it into our game as possible. It leaked into the battle system and formed a symbiotic relationship.

  • A Rhythmic Rumble:  Paying attention to the background music in a battle can turn your moderate “simple” attacks into something truly worth writing home about. Standard melee attacks can string combos depending on how well you are able to keep the beat of the current song! As you progress through the game, different songs will appear, with different tempos, rhythms and chords. How will these affect the battle?

  • A Colorful Cast: Song of the Last Season features many bright and colorful characters, with deep and interesting backstories.

  • Control the Seasons: The Seasons play an integral part in the story and lore, but also the gameplay itself! Certain party members can utilize the power of the Seasons, and can make them fight for you, in or out of battle!

  • Support Systems: Like any group of people stuck together for a long period of time, it’s best you get to know them so you don’t end up wanting to kill them. That’s why we’ve implemented Support Conversations, similar to Fire Emblem: Awakening! Each character can get to know each other a little better through witty cutscenes. And if you get their Support all the way up, who knows what will happen? Maybe they’ll perform a special move together in battle…



At the dawn of time, when all things were new, a powerful artifact known as the Relic descended from the heavens, with four divine spirits alongside it. Using the harmonic power of the Relic, a magic called Melody, the spirits created the world as we know it.

A period of time known as a season was given to each of the spirits, as a time of worship for each of them. For a time, the world was

at peace. The combination of the seasons and Melody created a balance to the world.

However, as time went on, the spirits became more and more greedy. They wanted more time for their own season, and soon waged war on each other. The denizens of the world they had created picked sides, and soon this began The War of Seasons. Blades were shattered and lives were lost, all due to selfish desires.

Soon the Spirit of Spring, Harumi, realized what they had done to the world they had created. She felt remorse, and used the Relic to seal herself and the spirits away, where they can do no more harm.

The seasons were split amidst the world with no natural progression. The Relic was shattered into five pieces, and were lost to time. Some would call it chaos, others call it balance. None can deny, however, that tensions amongst the denizens of each season have risen over the ages. 

Thousands of years later, a new threat has emerged. The ringmaster of a travelling circus, Palamari, claims to have found a way to

end all the seasons once and for all. He aims to create a neutral world, where all live in equal stagnation. As the separated seasons become more and more intense, many begin to rally behind him. Fearing that this will throw off the balance of the world, a talented young conductor named Arianna decides to take matters into her own hands…